Dementia Training

Preparing your staff for the potential challenges of their job is key not only to their own success, but to the preservation of patient safety, dignity, and quality of life. It is for this reason that dementia training courses are a core requirement for all healthcare employees working towards completion of the Care Certificate.

As dementia is an umbrella term for a wide range of symptoms resulting from the damage caused by brain diseases, it takes many forms. Dementia training for the NHS aims to familiarise staff with the characteristics of each type of dementia, and the impact cognitive impairment can have on an individual and their loved ones.

These dementia elearning, face-to-face training and distance learning resources include guidance on person-centred care, and the determination of consent. This involves identifying and overcoming barriers to routine tasks such as eating, drinking, and communicating, in order to ensure that the basic needs of an individual are met.

The CPD certified courses listed below can be filtered according to a range of requirements, making it easy to find one that meets your needs.

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Blended Distance Consultancy Work Experience Resources
Dementia Awareness
Dementia Awareness Skills for Health
This dementia awareness course helps healthcare practitioners to understand the symptoms and characteristics of dementia. Learners can also find out more about the support that is available to people with dementia in their local area, with examples of information, advice and support.
Dementia Awareness
Dementia Awareness JoCo Learning & Development Ltd.
This training course aims to give an insight into the signs and symptoms, causes of Dementia. It will give knowledge of the impact the condition has on an affected person’s functions and behaviour, to enable effective working with PLW Dementia and their families
Dementia Awareness
Dementia Awareness JoCo Learning & Development Ltd.
Dementia awareness ensures that families, care workers, managers and service providers enable people living with dementia to have quality of life, dignity and independence. By undertaking this training module you will increase and update your knowledge of the ways that dementia affects people.
Understanding and Meeting Fluid and Nutritional Needs in Dementia Care
Understanding and Meeting Fluid and Nutritional Needs in Dementia Care JoCo Learning & Development Ltd.
It is important to understand good nutrition and reduce the risk of malnutrition, dehydration amongst individuals living with dementia. It is also important to know the appropriate action to take to get support and advise for individuals.
Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLs).
Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLs). Grays Medic
This course aims to give the learner relevant information to understand the conditions for Decision-Making within the boundaries of the MCA and recognise the link between The Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding.
Awareness of Dementia
Awareness of Dementia Grays Medic
Develop a deep understanding of dementia and the importance of working in a person centred approach is vital in order to put the person with the dementia at the heart of your work and support them effectively. This course helps to achieve organisational and personal goals in dementia care.
Hire of real-life care suite training facilities
Hire of real-life care suite training facilities Activate Learning - City of Oxford College
Complete use of Care Suite, Home Care Room, IT suite and Classroom, with a technician and resources