Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training within the NHS not only aims to educate staff on fire prevention and emergency response, but also for the unique challenges that may be faced within the healthcare sector. Fire safety online training can help prepare employees, but it is still important to complete regular fire drills.

The basic components of fire safety training include understanding the potential causes of fire, and how to detect a fire that may not immediately be visible. Your team will also learn how to use fire safety equipment, and the importance of raising the alarm in a safe and efficient manner.

Fire safety training for health also highlights the need to maintain a calm disposition, particularly around patients who may be easily distressed, hindering their own escape, and that of others. Healthcare staff must be also be aware of evacuation procedures for individuals with limited mobility, learning difficulties, or an inability to use the stairs.

Our extensive directory of fire safety elearning resources and face-to-face training packages can be refined according to your preferred delivery method, or you can search for a specific course by name. These comprehensive packages include CPD approved courses, and elearning bundles commissioned by the Department of Health.

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Fire Safety
Fire Safety Skills for Health
Statutory training on the nature and causes of fire in healthcare facilities, with instruction in fire prevention, signage and equipment, and what to do when a fire starts
Fire Safety Level 2
Fire Safety Level 2 Guardian Angels
This Fire Safety Level 2 course could benefit anyone working in any business area, as it has been designed with the safety of each and every worker across the board in mind. This Fire Safety Level 2 training course can be used as an annual refresher, or for first-time safety training.
Fire Marshal & Extinguisher (includes live fire training)
Fire Marshal & Extinguisher (includes live fire training) Emergency Response Training Ltd
Target Group: All levels of staff who have the responsibility of fire Marshall/Warden and who may be required to safely operate fire extinguishers. Pre-Course requirements: None.
Fire Safety Principles - Level 2 award
Fire Safety Principles - Level 2 award Grays Medic
It is a legal requirement to develop fire prevention practices in the workplace and designate a responsible person to ensure the fire safety. The Fire Safety Principles course aims to prepare the fire wardens and offer them the knowledge to implement an effective fire safety management.
Mandatory + Statutory Training  ('Skills for Health' aligned CSTF) Practical Day
Mandatory + Statutory Training ('Skills for Health' aligned CSTF) Practical Day The Health and Safety Group Ltd
‚ÄčThis superb statutory and mandatory training course ensures training quality and consistency via modules aligned to the Skills For Health UK Core Skills Training Framework:-
Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal Edify Training
Fire Marshal course covers evacuation of a smoke filled building, & the role & responsibilities of a Fire Marshal.This course has been written to take account of the special needs of the health and care sector and will provide delegates with a solid rounding in basic fire safety. Fire can be the sc