Learning Disabilities training

Learning disabilities can take many forms, with varying impacts on an individual’s life and behaviour. Learning disability training will familiarise healthcare workers with the various types of learning disability and how these affect care practices.

As learning disabilities take many forms, staff must be prepared to think on their feet and learn to identify and manage the requirements of each person in their care.The learning disability online training and face-to-face resources listed below aim to raise awareness of the challenges facing people with learning disabilities, while highlighting their potential strengths and capacity for independence. The courses listed also comply with the learning disability awareness standard within the care certificate.

A key element of learning disability training is determining the level of care someone requires, while affording them the respect, dignity, and confidentiality owed to all patients. This ongoing process includes facilitating independent living and understanding individual care preferences, in order to promote self-confidence and freedom of choice wherever it is safe and appropriate to do so.

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Blended Distance Consultancy Work Experience Resources
Learning Disabilities Awareness
Learning Disabilities Awareness Skills for Health
The Learning Disabilities Awareness course has been designed to provide staff, both clinical and non-clinical, with an introduction to learning disabilities.
An Introduction to Learning Disabilities
An Introduction to Learning Disabilities Securicare International Ltd
The aim of this programme is to provide learners with a greater understanding of what it means to have -Learning Disabilities- and to prepare them for learning how to work in partnership, as opposed to simply providing care