Mental Health Training

Throughout the healthcare sector, employees encounter a wide range of mental health needs and specific care requirements. As such, mental health and capacity training is vital for the promotion of the in-depth understanding of how mental health can impact on individual safety and well-being.

Learners will develop an extensive knowledge of legislation and best practice guidelines surrounding the management of mental health, from diagnosis and support to the administration of medication.

As working with individuals with mental illness can be personally challenging, our mental health and capacity online training also covers stress management, and how staff can protect their own mental health and well-being through the pressures of their job. These courses also cover the mental health awareness care certificate standard.

This training also explains the definition of mental capacity, and the steps involved in determining whether someone has capacity, and to what extent. This is particularly important when working with those who require complex care, including infants and people with barriers to communication.

See below or use the preset filters for our range of face-to-face training and mental health and capacity eLearning resources, including autism awareness training, and guidance on safeguarding issues such as substance abuse and peer pressure.

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Blended Distance Consultancy Work Experience Resources
Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Awareness Skills for Health
Learn about the main types of mental health conditions, along with their respective symptoms and treatments. This course aims to raise awareness of a healthcare professionals' interaction with people who have mental health illnesses.
Learning Disabilities Awareness
Learning Disabilities Awareness Skills for Health
The Learning Disabilities Awareness course has been designed to provide staff, both clinical and non-clinical, with an introduction to learning disabilities.
Mental Illness and Misuse of Drugs and Other Substance
Mental Illness and Misuse of Drugs and Other Substance Global Health Professionals Ltd (GHPL)
This one day course on Mental Illness and Misuse of Drugs and Other Substance is available on as a bespoke offering on demand.
Awareness of Dementia
Awareness of Dementia Grays Medic
Develop a deep understanding of dementia and the importance of working in a person centred approach is vital in order to put the person with the dementia at the heart of your work and support them effectively. This course helps to achieve organisational and personal goals in dementia care.