Moving & Handling Training

Working within healthcare and social care often involves moving, lifting, or otherwise manually handling people. With this in mind, our moving and handling training programmes are designed to highlight the risks and requirements associated with manual handling.

Safe moving and handling requires healthcare employees to know the correct procedures for moving adults and children without causing injury to either themselves or the person they are supporting. This includes learning to use hoists and other aids, and being aware of the legislation surrounding moving and handling. Training may include moving & handling of patients or general moving & handling training. Care
Certificate Standard 13.3 requires staff to have completed moving and handling
training in order to offer safe assistance to those who cannot or should not
move unaided.

Moving and handling training also explains the importance of good posture and correct usage of your back during manual handling actions. Learners will also be taught how to carry out risk assessments, and recognise that even actions such as turning a bedbound patient count as moving and handling, and are subject to the same legislation.

We offer a variety of moving and handling eLearning packages, as well as face-to-face courses, so you can tailor your training experience to your specific needs. Browse the list below to explore these resources, and check out the additional materials to supplement your team’s learning.

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Blended Distance Consultancy Work Experience Resources
Moving & Handling
Moving & Handling Skills for Health
This course explains what moving and Handling is and how an injury might affect you. It explores why we need to manage risk when completing manual handling tasks and how we assess these risks and the principles of safer handling.
Patient Moving & Handling
Patient Moving & Handling Skills for Health
This session provides an introduction to Patient Moving and Handling. While Patient Moving and Handling is a very practical subject, this session aims to introduce you to the key topics in addition to any practical training you may be undertaking.
Moving and  handling people
Moving and handling people Grays Medic
The course is designed to meet the requirements and recommendations of the HSE Manual Handling Regulations 1992. This course aims to make safe decisions when carrying out correctly moving or handling people and provide greater comfort and dignity to the people in care.
Mandatory + Statutory Training  ('Skills for Health' aligned CSTF) Practical Day
Mandatory + Statutory Training ('Skills for Health' aligned CSTF) Practical Day The Health and Safety Group Ltd
​This superb statutory and mandatory training course ensures training quality and consistency via modules aligned to the Skills For Health UK Core Skills Training Framework:-
Moving and Handling
Moving and Handling JoCo Learning & Development Ltd.
Anyone involved in healthcare and social care (paid or unpaid) have a responsibility to ensure safe manual handling of individuals they support. It is important to have up to date training on safe techniques with an annual refresher. Our training is mapped to Standard 13.3 – Move and assist safely.
Moving and Handling in Child Care
Moving and Handling in Child Care Master care training
This is course is suitable for child care practitioners who have the role of handling children in all aspects of a child care setting. There are two elements of this course which can be divided to meet individual organisational needs. This course includes the use of moving and handling aids.