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Nursing and Midwifery Training

The responsibilities of nurses and midwives are extensive, so it is vital that they receive comprehensive training to fully prepare for their roles. In addition to the required knowledge of clinical procedures, patient safeguarding and infection control, nurses and midwives training must also cover the legislation surrounding staff responsibilities.

Participants in the nurses and midwives elearning or classroom training programmes listed below will develop an understanding of the importance of patient confidentiality, as well as the accepted procedures for documentation, record keeping and conflict resolution.

A comprehensive resource will also explain professional accountability, and demonstrate the role of ethics within the healthcare sector. Health workers must endeavour to provide person-centred care, facilitating communication with patients, and being prepared to address complex needs practically and respectfully.

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Blended Distance Consultancy Work Experience Resources
Immunisation & Vaccination
Immunisation & Vaccination Skills for Health
Learn about the practical and legal implications of immunisations and vaccinations, as well as best practice information. Updated December 2016.
Clinical/Care Core Skills eLearning Bundle
Clinical/Care Core Skills eLearning Bundle Skills for Health
The Clinical/Care Core Skills Training Framework eLearning bundle allows employers to recognise training to a standard and reduce duplication of training. This eLearning Bundle is delivered by Skills for Health, the developers of the Core Skills Training Framework & Care Certificate.47
RCNi Learning Courses
RCNi Learning Courses RCNi Learning
RCNi Learning is designed to help nurses meet continuing professional development requirements and to help students bridge the gap between theory and practice. Featuring 135 interactive learning modules on a wide variety of specialities. To discover more about our courses, click View Course.
Active Communication
Active Communication Stroke Association
Communication is one of the most important issues to many stroke survivors, with over a third of all stroke survivors developing an impairment of language, affecting the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write.
Medication Administration
Medication Administration Edify Training
The full day medications administrations course will suit senior staff required to actually administer medications. Introduction - Introductions and course overview Legislation Prescriptions - Types - Validity - Abbreviations Medicines Supply - Types of medicines - How medicines work - Advers
Cervical Screening and Cytology
Cervical Screening and Cytology Guardian Angels
This 3 hour training session is designed for qualified cervical / cytology sample screening takers to update their knowledge in line with the NHS Cervical Screening Programme (NHSCSP) National guidelines.
Ear Irrigation
Ear Irrigation Guardian Angels
​This ear irrigation course supports healthcare assistants and Registered Nurses to provide basic ear care, including irrigation, safely and effectively. Delegates on this course are required to receive supervision from an appropriate mentor to support their learning and practical application in the
Immunisation and Vaccines
Immunisation and Vaccines Guardian Angels
All of our range of Immunisation and Vaccination training courses are delivered in accordance with national standards and guidelines including: Public Health England National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation training 2005/2015), Department of Health’s Immunisation against infe
Venepuncture / Phlebotomy
Venepuncture / Phlebotomy Guardian Angels
For employees working in health and social care environments who may be required to collect blood samples, our Venepuncture / Phlebotomy Training Course is a genuine essential. Based around a series of practical exercises and the latest theoretical teachings, delegates are able to practice and hone
Dysphagia and Swallow Assessments
Dysphagia and Swallow Assessments Guardian Angels
This training course will develop delegates’ awareness of dysphagia, its causes and the potential complications to the service user, along with groups of people who are at higher risk. The assessment and risk management strategies of caring and supporting service users with swallowing difficulties w
Wound Care and Tissue Viability
Wound Care and Tissue Viability Guardian Angels
This Guardian Angels Training course in Wound Care has been built around the day to day duties of health and social care workers who may come into contact with any number of minor to moderate wounds during their normal working practices. Ideally suited to those with at least a basic level of knowled
Catheterisation Acute Training Solutions Ltd
Urinary catheterisation is a medical procedure used to drain and collect urine from the bladder. Our Catheterisation Course, designed for RGN’s & Care Staff, covers both theoretical and practical elements.
Medications Awareness
Medications Awareness Ash Training
• Understand the legislation • Classes of medicines • Levels of care • Understand administration different medication types • Safety concerns • 5R's -refusals -errors -documentation and record keeping
Medication Awarenss
Medication Awarenss Ash Training
Medications awareness course • Understand the legislation surrounding administration of medications • Classes of medicines • Levels of care in Medicines administration • Understand how to administer different medication types • Safety concerns around administration of medication
Abdominal Assessment Masterclass
Abdominal Assessment Masterclass M&K Update Ltd
An opportunity to develop abdominal examination and interviewing technique and an understanding of an array of gastrointestinal and urinary conditions. "Excellent course - well worth attending." "In depth but understandable course. All Nurse Practitioners should attend." "Excellent content and in
Advanced Practice for Nurses and AHPâs
Advanced Practice for Nurses and AHP’s M&K Update Ltd
Develop a confident and safe approach to emergencies. essential for nurses working in medical admissions units, hospital at night and outreach teams. the course develops knowledge and skills required for the recognition, assessment and immediate care of the ill medical patient. COURSE CONTENT - Acu
Arterial Puncture & Blood Gas Result Interpretation
Arterial Puncture & Blood Gas Result Interpretation M&K Update Ltd
Skills training for obtaining an arterial blood sample and interpretation of blood gas results. Due to the practical nature of the day places are limited. COURSE CONTENT - Arterial Puncture - Practical workshop - site selection - Review of infection control aspects - Inaccuracies and complications
Assessment and Management of Minor Injuries
Assessment and Management of Minor Injuries M&K Update Ltd
For nurses and allied healthcare professionals who need to develop 'look and feel' assessment of Minor Injuries. This course provides an excellent underpinning of knowledge on the most common presenting injuries and conditions encountered by those who manage and treat adults with a minor injury. "
Assessment of the Child in Primary Care
Assessment of the Child in Primary Care M&K Update Ltd
For nurses, doctors and allied professionals working in a primary care setting who need to develop and enhance their head to toe assessment skills of a presenting child (not neonates). The 2-day programme will cover common presentations, why children are different and the process of exclusion in mak
Comprehensive Assessment of the Older Person
Comprehensive Assessment of the Older Person M&K Update Ltd
Aimed at nurses and allied health professionals it will enable the attendee to understand, recognise and use appropriate assessments as part of a systematic approach to improve the quality of assessment and outcomes of care for older people in acute or intermediate care settings. COURSE CONTENT - P
Gastrostomy and Tracheostomy Care and Management
Gastrostomy and Tracheostomy Care and Management M&K Update Ltd
A clinical training day aimed at health care workers involved in the care of patients with a gastrostomy and/or a trachestomy. The day provides knowledge and practical skills to develop a high standard of care. COURSE CONTENT - Gastrostomy - - Anatomy and applied physiology - Infection control
Intravenous Drug Administration and Therapy
Intravenous Drug Administration and Therapy M&K Update Ltd
For nurses and allied health professionals who are responsible for the administration of intravenous (IV) drugs and therapy. Logically presented from anatomy and physiology, procedure and safe maintenance of the line set against the care and management of the patient. COURSE CONTENT - Applied anato
Minor Illness
Minor Illness M&K Update Ltd
The established and very popular conveniently packaged course, which is delivered by clinical experts who have up to date working knowledge and skills. The three-days will progress candidates towards a safe standard for practice in the management of adults with a minor illness. Attendees will then b
Minor Illness in Young People
Minor Illness in Young People M&K Update Ltd
This three-day course will progress candidates towards a safe standard for practice in the management of young people (aged 13-19 years old) who have a minor illness. The course will be of particular interest to - School Nurses - Social Care Workers in Children's Homes - Paediatric Nurses - Nurse L
Minor Surgery Course
Minor Surgery Course M&K Update Ltd
A practical workshop led by a senior plastic surgeon. This intensive course prepares the participant to perform minor surgical skills following a period of supervised practice withing their workplace. Ideal for nurses and doctors either wishing to learn new skills or refresh existing knowledge. Now
Recognising the Septic Patient
Recognising the Septic Patient M&K Update Ltd
Healthcare Associated Infections are becoming an increasing problem in healthcare, particularly with the development of antibiotic resistance. This course is about recognising the early signs of sepsis in a patient, with the aim of preventing it from developing into a more serious condition. COURSE
Root Cause Analysis
Root Cause Analysis M&K Update Ltd
A structured workshop designed specifically for healthcare professionals. The day will provide clinical leaders with practical skills to enable them to undertake a root cause analysis and develop an action plan in order to improve quality and safety in their clinical setting. COURSE CONTENT Worksho
The Mechanically Ventilated Patient
The Mechanically Ventilated Patient M&K Update Ltd
A comprehensive day that explores advances in ventilator support and normal and altered physiology of ventilation. The day also explores weaning the patient from the ventilator and a selection of management rationale. It will appeal to Nurses, physiotherapists and junior doctors who are new, returni
Understanding Blood Results for Physiotherapists
Understanding Blood Results for Physiotherapists M&K Update Ltd
Provides physiotherapists and allied professionals working with a MSK caseload with the essential background in physiology and pathology for a haematological, biochemical and immunological approach to patient management. COURSE CONTENT - Haematology - - Full blood counts (FBC) - low, normal, high
Vaginal Prolapse and Fitting Ring Pessary
Vaginal Prolapse and Fitting Ring Pessary M&K Update Ltd
As women are now living longer, genital prolapse is becoming an ever-increasing problem. Healthcare Professionals working in Primary/Secondary Care settings are fitting and changing vaginal (ring) pessaries on a frequent basis. This half day session aims to provide healthcare workers with the theore
Venepuncture & Cannulation
Venepuncture & Cannulation M&K Update Ltd
Skills training for inserting a peripheral venous cannula and talking blood samples. On successful completion you will be equipped with underlining theory and skills to gain competence under clinical supervision of a practitioner in your own workplace. COURSE CONTENT - Review of anatomy of the arm
Wound Management for HCAâs
Wound Management for HCA’s M&K Update Ltd
An opportunity to develop knowledge and skills for wound management, infection control and removing skin closure devices. "Very interesting and useful course." "Brilliant course, learnt a lot, tutor excellent, would recommend." COURSE CONTENT - Anatomy and physiology of the skin - The stages in wo
Wound Management for Registered Nurses
Wound Management for Registered Nurses M&K Update Ltd
This course will provide the latest research and treatment guideline on wound management. "I regularly attend M&K Update courses here, and rather than viewing it like a must/necessity, I really look forward to these days of training/learning. Tutors are so enthusiastic when teaching, very enjoyable
Medication Awareness
Medication Awareness Edify Training
This course offers a solid introduction to Medications, and is aimed primarily for care staff who could be called upon to administer or assist with the administration of medications. The half day awareness course is not formally assessed and newly attending delegates will therefore normally requir
Pressure Area Care
Pressure Area Care Edify Training
Pressure ulcers occur when a localised area of skin and underlying tissue becomes damaged due to pressure, friction, or shear.Most sores can be prevented. Attending delegates will gain a thorough understanding of the subject to help them minimise opportunity for ulcer formation and optimise any requ
Venepuncture Edify Training
This course is for staff who are required to collect venous blood samples. The training will enable delegates to update their knowledge and practice with artificial limbs. After successful completion of the course, 10 mentored practices will be required within a clinical setting prior to the issue o
Challenging Behaviour
Challenging Behaviour Edify Training
This course is for those who, during the course of their working day, could come into contact with persons who present challenging behaviours. Delegates will learn why such behaviours may arise and how to attempt to distract and de-escalate, and also to seek to minimise repeat episodes. The training
Blood Glucose Monitoring
Blood Glucose Monitoring Ash Training
blood glucose & blood sugar levels? • Signs and symptoms (adrenergic, glucagon and neuroglycopenic manifestations) • How do you define normal and excessive blood glucose levels? • Why do blood glucose levels need to be monitored and controlled? • How do you test
Blood Glucose Monitoring
Blood Glucose Monitoring Ash Training
Blood Glucose monitoring This course includes an assessed practical session for Level 2 & 3 presentations. • The difference between blood glucose & blood sugar levels? • Signs and symptoms (adrenergic, glucagon and neuroglycopenic manifestations) • How do you define normal and excessive bloo
Diabetes Injection Technique and Safety
Diabetes Injection Technique and Safety Education for Health
This online learning programme aims to support healthcare professionals in their management and care of people with diabetes who use injectable therapies
Introduction to COPD
Introduction to COPD Education for Health
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a major public health problem. This free resource aims to increase nurses’ confidence and competence and enhance their understanding of this complex disease.