Travel Health Update Training

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Immunisation and Vaccines
Immunisation and Vaccines Guardian Angels
All of our range of Immunisation and Vaccination training courses are delivered in accordance with national standards and guidelines including: Public Health England National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation training 2005/2015), Department of Health’s Immunisation against infe
Travel Health
Travel Health M&K Update Ltd
An introduction to travel health for registered health professionals who have not undertaken basic immunisation training.It reflects the RCN competency framework for travel health medicine, the HPA standards for immunisation training and DH immunisation policy.Also addresses legal and professional a
Women’s Health in Primary Care
Women’s Health in Primary Care Primary Care Training Centre
The module focuses on the management of sexual health, contraception, breast and cervical screening, continence and menopause and the services available to support this.
New to Travel Health
New to Travel Health Immunisations UK
Suitable for those new to travel health or nurses who require a recap/ formal training.
Travel Health Training for Beginners
Travel Health Training for Beginners Primary Care Training Centre
The course aims to equip health care professionals with the skills required to provide individualised pre-travel consultations at a basic competence level. This will be measured against the RCN competencies framework for travel health medicine.