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Venepuncture / Phlebotomy
Venepuncture / Phlebotomy Guardian Angels
For employees working in health and social care environments who may be required to collect blood samples, our Venepuncture / Phlebotomy Training Course is a genuine essential. Based around a series of practical exercises and the latest theoretical teachings, delegates are able to practice and hone
Venepuncture Edify Training
This course is for staff who are required to collect venous blood samples. The training will enable delegates to update their knowledge and practice with artificial limbs. After successful completion of the course, 10 mentored practices will be required within a clinical setting prior to the issue o
Clinical Skills Workshop with Up2Speed
£238.80 £178.80
Clinical Skills Workshop with Up2Speed ID Medical
Whether you have been working in the NHS for years, or the time has come to begin your journey working within the NHS, the Clinical Skills Workshop is a great course to attend. Learn what they didn't tell you at medical school and get hands-on with practical skills.
Phlebotomy (Venepuncture) in Primary Care
Phlebotomy (Venepuncture) in Primary Care Primary Care Training Centre
This module is designed for HCAs and other members of the primary care team where a need has been identified for them to expand their role and gain new knowledge and skills in performing phlebotomy in the primary care environment.