Wound Care Training

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Acute and Chronic Wound Care â Suturing & Gluing
Acute and Chronic Wound Care – Suturing & Gluing The Learning Enterprise
• To develop awareness of the wound healing process and factors which may influence this? • To understand the management of acute wounds in that may present in the students clinical environment. • To understand the role of sutures in wound closure. • To practice the closure methods used in the students clinical environment (sutures, glue, staples, steri-strips). • To understand the management of chronic wound management in the students clinical environment.
Wound Care and Tissue Viability
Wound Care and Tissue Viability Guardian Angels
This Guardian Angels Training course in Wound Care has been built around the day to day duties of health and social care workers who may come into contact with any number of minor to moderate wounds during their normal working practices. Ideally suited to those with at least a basic level of knowled
Anaesthetics and Recovery Care
Anaesthetics and Recovery Care M&K Update Ltd
The popular course for anaesthetics and recovery care nurses and operating department practitioners. The three-day programme is an excellent opportunity for theatre professionals to explore current principles in practice. The course is intense but provision will be made to ensure candidates are give
Wound Care
Wound Care Edify Training
This course is for qualified staff who already have a basic understanding of wounds including pressure sores and require further training in their practical management. Attending delegates will learn about wound etiology, phases & assessment, exudate, debridement and the choice of dressings and t
Stop The Pressure Game
Stop The Pressure Game Focus Games Ltd
Educational board game developed with NHS England for their Stop the Pressure programme to improve patient safety by eliminating avoidable pressure ulcers. It helps frontline staff improve their ability to recognise and reduce the risk of pressure ulcer formation.
Wound Management for Nurses
Wound Management for Nurses Primary Care Training Centre
The course will teach current best practice in wound management. An overview of wounds and wound assessment will include traumatic wounds, skin tears and surgical wounds, together with cleansing and swabbing techniques.
Wound Care for Health Care Assistants
Wound Care for Health Care Assistants Primary Care Training Centre
This module is designed for experienced primary health care assistants who wish to expand their role and gain new knowledge and skills in the care and management of patients who require wound care in the primary care environment.
Leg Ulcer Assessment & Management
Leg Ulcer Assessment & Management Primary Care Training Centre
This two day leg ulcer course will offer knowledge and skills on lower limb assessment and management. The impact of leg ulceration will be discussed, including the theory and practice of compression bandaging and Doppler assessment.