Activate Learning - City of Oxford College
Activate Learning - City of Oxford College

Welcome to Activate Learning a pioneering education group which is growing to meet opportunities in the education market.

From a single FE college, we have evolved into an international group including secondary, further education, higher education, apprenticeship, workforce training and commercial business.

Our educational care suite has been supported by a grant from the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP), and provides acute clinical and residential care facilities for simulated teaching and learning.

As well as using the facilities within our own learning programmes, we are also keen to help meet the training and development needs of local healthcare organisations. Our brand-new care suite and home care room is available for hire to health care professionals and businesses requiring modern and realistic teaching facilities.

You can expect observational training systems, simulation models, and state-of-the art IT monitoring and diagnostic resources.

Rooms are available to hire by the half or full day and can be supported by qualified teaching staff. A full catering service is also available upon request.


Our newly built care suite comprises a six bedded ward environment, with mannequins, observational areas, medical supplies and a separate IT suite with plasma screens for monitoring and diagnostics. The IT room also includes internet connection, screening and recording equipment.

Visitors can fully immerse themselves in a realistic environment to practise and learn essential caring skills.


Designed to replicate a real-life home environment, visitors can practise in-home care provision and independent living promotion. The area includes bathroom, kitchen and living area facilities, plus observational areas for monitoring.


Classroom space can be provided within the care suite complex for breakout areas and the extension of learning sessions. Classrooms are equipped with a projector, whiteboard, internet connection and seating arrangements as required.

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