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Safety, Compliance & Quality Is Our Priority

Advanced Clinical Solutions is a professional services provider of patient safety, regulatory compliance, and quality improvement support to private healthcare organisations .

ACS is a team of healthcare professionals, with extensive expertise. We help you and your team(s) to deliver high quality clinical care and services, through a unique holistic partnership approach involving evaluation, audit, research, inspection, training and education.

Our philosophy is based on delivering a value-added quality and safety service to the organisations we work with. We adopt a positive, supportive and innovative approach in improving quality of care and patient safety. We understand that every one of our customers have different demands, needs, wants and desires. We believe in the phrase ‘Seek First to Understand’ – not just for us to understand you but also support you to understand yourself and your clinical service.

Our senior team has significant experience of developing high quality services and teams in both public and private care and in our own careers, we have significantly contributed to both quality and performance of our organisations.


To be the independent partner of choice, to providers of private healthcare, in the provision of quality improvement, safety, and regulatory compliance support.

Join the many private healthcare organisations that have already worked with ACS and improved the safety and quality of their healthcare services.


Keeping up to date with new regulation, standards and clinical evidence requires training and updates .ACS understands that not all organisations can dedicate the time or the resources specifically to training, development and education.

ACS want to help your organisation to ensure all services and current clinical practices provided are in line with a current clinical evidence base. Our staff are trained healthcare professionals. We strongly believe that learning and development is a cornerstone to any high-quality service delivery that is why we are a CPD accredited centre.

ACS have a dedicated training and education team available to help all staff in learning new skills relevant to their role, as well as refreshing knowledge . All training delivered will include current best practise research, support with evidence-based procedure and competence development pre or post training.

Some of the training and workshops our Education & Training Team provide are:

  • Introduction to Clinical Audit
  • Introduction to Clinical Human Factors
  • Introduction to Clinical Governance
  • Evidence Based Practice (Critiquing Clinical Evidence)
  • Fundamentals in Healthcare Quality Improvement
  • Rethinking Decisions (Critical Descions Making in Healthcare)
  • Venepuncture
  • IV Cannulation
  • Injection Technique
  • Safe Use of Syringe Driver’s
  • Infection Prevention & Control
  • IPC Champions
  • Sepsis Awareness
  • Pressure Area Care
  • Medicines Management & Administration
  • Safeguarding and Whistleblowing

For a FREE consultation on the benefits of this service for your organisation contact us today and we will have a consultant discuss your needs in detail and join the many private healthcare organisations that have already worked with ACS and improved the safety and quality of their healthcare services.

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Care Quality Manager (November 2019)
“the bespoke Infection Control Champion course delivered by Josie from Advanced Clinical Solutions highlighted many areas for improvement in our care homes. Her excellent subject knowledge, industry experience and thorough consultation meant she could help identify what we needed to know and how to put it into practice-invaluable!!”

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