Our Team

Sukie Banga MBA FCIPD BSc (Hons) Pharmacology


Sukie is one of the Joint Managing Directors of Ararna Limited. She has extensive experience of delivering consultancy services and has worked in the healthcare environment for over fifteen years. Over the past ten years at Ararna, she has led, managed and delivered a myriad of complex projects in both the public and private sector.

Sukie's experience of working in the pharmaceutical industry has enabled her to deliver high impact projects aimed at field force effectiveness, which have involved change leadership across the entire field force of an organisation. She has also provided support to regional account directors across both Europe and Canada.

Sukie provides support services to pharmaceutical organisations, offering assistance in brand development, business intelligence and strategic insights into the new NHS landscape. She has worked on several market access projects including the development of interactive value propositions. Sukie is also certified in the BHBIA adverse event/product complaint training, which has provided her with the credentials required to perform market research for the pharmaceutical industry. She has in depth experience of working on organisational development projects, proving support on various business change programmes and politically sensitive agendas. She has lead on projects at both a board and operational level and has an expert understanding of NHS service reconfiguration.

Sukie co-authored the Department of Health's Improving Access, Responding to Patients Guide, where she performed intensive research in collaboration with GP practices and PCTs across the country. The guide, which provided practical advice to GP practices on improving patient access, was distributed to PCTs and GP practices across the country. She has also been involved in national and regional projects aimed at improving access for marginalised communities, exploring the links between health inequalities and the widening social gradient.

Sukie continues to work within the primary care sector, working with CCGs and individual practices across a range of services, including strategic planning and workforce training.

She has performed a central role in the development and delivery of the accredited Ararna Service Redesign programme, which has been rolled out across the NHS in both England and Wales. Sukie serves as the internal verifier for the course and assists in the facilitation of workshops and action learning sets for the leaders and senior managers enrolled on the course.

Notably Sukie played an essential part in the Barts Health NHS Trust merger team, where she provided invaluable support and expertise in strategic and organisational HR. Her role entailed shaping the consultation process, devising a number of key documents in order to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.

Sukie has additionally provided consultancy services and leadership programmes for a wide range of organisations from outside of the healthcare sector. She has lead on the delivery of projects concerning account management for a major international brand and employability training for local authorities.

Harry Banga MBA DTD BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Physics


As one of the Joint Managing Directors at Ararna Limited, Harry has over ten years of experience delivering training and consultancy services to clients from a wide range of backgrounds. He has lead on a number of projects, requiring engagement with an array of individuals from diverse backgrounds, communities and abilities.

Harry has imbued his work with an analytical, systems thinking approach. This has allowed him to create numerous financial and mathematical models that have been designed to enhance client organisations. Of recent note has been his creation of the Ararna Cost:Work Ratio which has been used by clients to assess their services and identify opportunities to optimise their workforce.

He has designed and delivered training for over three hundred and fifty NHS managers in the form of the accredited Ararna Service Redesign programme. This innovative programme has been rolled out across NHS organisations in both England and Wales and has helped managers within the NHS to explore practical solutions to the real life challenges that they face.

Harry's work with the NHS has been built upon a deep understanding of the key strategic issues facing the health service. This has ensured that his services are continually up-to-date and relevant to the present needs and culture of the client organisation. This has been demonstrated in his support for CCGs, assisting them in the development of business plans and longer term strategies. Harry has extensive experience working within the primary care sector, having co-authored the Department of Health's Improving Access, Responding to Patients Guide.

He is also highly skilled and experienced in delivering services to organisations and bodies outside of the NHS. As an expert in the worklessness agenda, Harry has worked with a number of Local Authorities on Employment and Enterprise, Economic Regeneration and Job Brokerage Services. He has delivered numerous coaching and leadership programmes for senior managers and directors of various organisations. This has involved designing and developing bespoke programmes based around the needs and culture of the client's business. These training services can range from assisting managers in the creation of a leadership vision to development programmes aimed at generating business within the commercial sector.

Harry has delivered training across all levels of sales and marketing services, providing one day customer services training for advisors, and executive coaching for members of the board. His depth of experience has enabled him to provide expert knowledge and insight on business development and income creation across a range of industries.

Harry is trained as a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and is an expert on identifying efficiencies within a client's organisation. He has applied this to the training and business development services that he delivers to clients, ensuring that they receive value for money and high impact insight into their organisations.

Additionally, Harry is certified in the BHBIA adverse event/product complaint training, which has provided him with the credentials required to perform market research for the pharmaceutical industry.