Our Team

Miranda Cumpston

Head of Learning and Support

My role is to lead Cochrane’s learning, development and support activities across the organisation. This includes the training we do for authors (face-to-face workshops by Centres, online resources and one-to-one support), as well as support for Editors, Cochrane Group staff, consumers, methodologists and other contributors. My team works with all our contributor groups to consider the implementation of new policies, processes, methods and technologies, and to think about how we can answer questions, enable new contributors to get involved and make your work as easy and supported as possible. I also have a role in supporting Cochrane’s governance processes, including our Governing Board, electoral processes and related structures.

I have a background in public health policy, working for the Australian Government's Department of Health and Ageing and the Parliament of Australia before taking on my first role as Education Co-ordinator with Cochrane Canada in 2004. I held editorial roles with the Cochrane Musculoskeletal and Public Health Groups. As a trainer and researcher with Cochrane Australia, I worked on programs to support evidence-based policy making and contributed to the proposal to establish Cochrane Training.

I am based in Australia, working from the office of Cochrane Australia in Melbourne.

Chris Watts

Learning and Support Manager

My role is to support the Learning and Support Department in implementing our training strategy. I work on a range of learning projects including design & development of learning materials and pathways to support our community of learners in a variety of Cochrane roles, particularly through online resources and initiatives for distance learners.

I am a researcher by background and I come to Cochrane from the Royal College of Nursing in the UK, where I led a team of Research Analysts delivering evidence synthesis and evaluation projects supporting professional development and policy. I have also worked as a researcher and occasional lecturer at Liverpool Business School, the University of Warwick and London Ambulance Service NHS Trust. My particular area of interest is in how research and learning is implemented and evaluated.

I am based in the UK, working from the Central Executive Team office in London.

Dario Sambunjak

Learning and Support Officer

My job is to work on update, design, and development of online learning materials and pathways to support our community of distance learners, primarily authors and editors. I support the Cochrane Trainers’ Network, ensuring that Cochrane’s training activities are delivered to a high standard. I assist in designing and conducting a comprehensive programme of evaluation of Cochrane’s learning and support activities. Finally, I help to organize the Cochrane Colloquium workshop programmes.

I have graduated medicine, but my career developed around research, scientific methodology, and journal editing. I worked as a teacher and researcher at three universities in Croatia, and held a position of a Croatian Cochrane Branch co-director for five years before joining the Learning & Support team.

I am based in Zagreb, Croatia, working from my office at the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine and Health Care at the Catholic University of Croatia.