Connect2Care are industry experts delivering award-winning vocational training to develop outstanding employees. Helping you create a safe, caring, effective and well-led environment.

Our aims are clear:

  • Increase learners’ skills to improve their earning capacity.
  • Treat our staff well, pay them a good wage, and reward our shareholders.

Make businesses more efficient by developing a highly skilled and more productive workforce.

Minimise our impact on the environment and teach our learners to better manage theirs.

Simply put, we focus on People, Planet and Profit. Building Connect2Care has involved plenty of hard work, but it’s been immensely fun. Knowing thousands of learners and employers have already benefited from the service that we deliver is hugely satisfying.

Well trained, competent staff are a valuable asset and can help a business perform well by delivering improved efficiency, better customer experience and reduced staff turnover.

Reasons to work with Connect2Care

At Connect2Care, we have some unique philosophies that drive the development of our high-quality training programmes. This enables us to deliver outstanding results for our employer partners and their employees.


All our people are industry experts hungry to pass on their knowledge and professionalise the sectors in which we operate.

Going the extra mile

We strive to do more than our clients expect and be innovative in how we work together.


We believe that the programmes we create and the people we train are a valuable asset for our clients and the sector, both now and in the future.


We are passionate about what we do: helping our clients and learners to succeed.


We take pride in the work we do and the success of our training programmes.


As well as getting the job done, we like to have fun along the way.

Our origins

In 2006, our sister company HIT Training was providing quality work-based learning to catering staff in the kitchens of adult care homes across the country. The success of our training generated a significant demand for the delivery of care qualifications. This was the catalyst for developing Connect2Care, a specialist vocational training provider for the adult care sector.

We brought together some of the most committed, passionate and driven experts from the sector. Drawing on their experience to shape and innovate a work-based learning provision in the UK, Connect2Care was born to provide best-in-class training to our clients and learners.

This strong foundation in care training has allowed us to branch out into other nurturing person-centred specialities, such as healthcare and early years.

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