Our Team

Lindsey Appleby-Flynn

National Sector Lead for Health and Social Care

Lindsey is the specialist sector lead for Health and Social Care at Connect2Care and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the sector. Lindsey is a member of the Adult Care Trailblazer Group and has been instrumental in writing the Adult Care Apprenticeship standards at levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. She also sits on the Executive Committee of the Care Apprenticeship Board, the employer-led group that oversees the quality of delivery of all End Point Assessment organisations for the adult care standards. Lindsey has worked within the training industry in various roles for a number of years and holds several qualifications in teaching, learning and development.

She oversees curriculum design and development of learning resources and materials within C2C, and also ensures that she always keeps her industry competence and experience up to date. Lindsey’s considerable experience in the health and social care sector has included various mental health settings, such as forensic mental health, working with individuals who were experiencing psychosis, schizophrenia, bi-polar and personality disorders and other severe and enduring mental health conditions.

She also managed a community support team for those living with severe and enduring mental health problems or drug and alcohol addiction issues. Lindsey holds several qualifications relating to the health and social care sector, including one from Middlesex University in supporting and managing mental health conditions.

In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys walking, travelling and socialising, is an avid reader and occasionally volunteers to support homeless people and a service user group for adults with learning disability who identify as LBGTQ+.

Pauline Batey

Development Consultant

Pauline is a Development Consultant and specialist in the adult care sector. She has a diverse portfolio working in the forensic mental health sector supporting individuals with personality disorders, schizophrenia, learning disabilities and autism, and also has expertise in the field of elderly care. Pauline is a qualified mental health first aid trainer which enables her to instruct others on mental health first aid, and she plays a vital role in the company offering mental health first aid.

Due to the diversity of her experience, Pauline provides valued training that meets the holistic needs of employers. Pauline’s vast experience in all areas of adult care enables her to ensure the training meets the specialist needs of all those receiving training.

On a personal level, Pauline has a range of qualifications including health and social care, management, assessing, IQA and autism which enable her to support training delivered specific to this area and also to support learners with particular learning requirements to access training that meets their individual needs. Pauline has passion and a strong commitment to innovation which enables Connect2Care to have a positive impact on the training and services we deliver. In her spare time, Pauline has valued spending time as a parent governor and also enjoys caravan holidays around Europe and long walks with her dog.

Danny Macey

Learning and Development Consultant

Danny is a Learning and Development Consultant for Connect2Care with a focus on adult care and mental health. Danny has over ten years of experience working across various fields in the adult social care sector.

At the start of his career, Danny was an Activity Co-ordinator in an adult care setting. However that role quickly evolved, as did his responsibilities!

Throughout his career, Danny has cared for individuals with various conditions, including multiple sclerosis, dementia, Huntington’s disease, mental health illnesses, acquired brain injury and cancer.

Danny has a personal interest in supporting individuals to understand and manage mental health problems. He takes great pride in the time he spent working closely with service users with mental health illnesses, such as depression, alcohol addiction and schizophrenia. This gave him valuable experience in mediation and the importance of observation.

Danny considers communication to be one of the most important parts of care and always takes the time to communicate effectively with every individual he comes into contact with.

At Connect2Care, Danny has recently taken on the post of Learning and Development Consultant having previously worked in our Quality Assurance department.

In his spare time, Danny enjoys playing football and boxing. He’s also a keen amateur brewer having built a small microbrewery at home (which doubles as his office space)!