Focus Games Ltd
Focus Games Ltd

We develop 'serious' board games that are used in health and social care to engage and educate frontline staff..

Our board games improve learning, development and change. Our games make face-to-face engagement easy, effective and affordable.

Our games can improve care delivery and patient safety by giving staff the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve the way they work.

We work with leading practitioners and academics to develop evidence based games that reflect current best-practice and guidelines.

Our games are competitive, collaborative and fun. They encourage interaction, discussion and friendly debate. This enables players to share knowledge, reflect on their experiences and learn from each other.

Many games are self-supporting so don’t need specialist trainers or facilitators to run sessions; anyone can do it. Games work as standalone activities or can be woven into workshops and blended learning programmes. You can run several games at the same time in the same room and everything you need for a group session is in the box.

I really like the Care Certificate Game, it is simple and effective in a format everyone will know and understand...very effective as a summative assessment tool at the end of a training session to consolidate and observe learning while keeping energy levels up. Excellent.” Training Manager at the Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers

“I have used the Sepsis Game as an educational tool on many occasions for training and as a refresher for senior staff and doctors. It really encourages interaction, discussion and competitiveness. Staff are often surprised by things that they think they know but don’t.” Sepsis Specialist Nurse, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust.

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