Immunisations UK
Immunisations UK

Immunisations UK offer Immunisation Training and Specialist Immunisation Nurse Services at competitive prices.

In line with government recommendations, all vaccinators should receive Annual Immunisation update Training, and all new immunisers require a 2-day Introduction to Immunisations foundation course, based on The Health Protection Agency’s (2005) National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training (HPA, 2005).

Immunisations UK can offer this training and the Specialist Immunisation Nurse expertise and advise to support medical and nursing staff in the safe and effective delivery of vaccinations to the local community in a timely fashion.

With strong links to Public Health England, Immunisations UK will provide Immunisation Training and Specialist Immunisation Nursing skills/advise based on the most up to date research and Department of Health recommendations.

Hannah qualified as a Registered Nurse in 2001 with a Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) Degree from The University of Nottingham.

Hannah spent 9 years on the paediatric wards at Northampton General Hospital, and 6 years in the Community. Over the last 4 years Hannah has worked as an Immunisation Lead and Specialist Nurse, delivering vaccinations to the hard to reach and vulnerable patients in the community, and delivering all Immunisation Training to a local NHS Trust.

Hannah also works independently as Immunisations UK's (established in September 2014) Immunisation Specialist Nurse and Trainer, and has delivered Immunisation training to various NHS Trusts, Occupational Health companies, GP surgeries and independent schools across the UK.

Hannah has a City and Guilds qualification in training and education.

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