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MIMS Learning

MIMS Learning is the online resource supporting best practice in primary care.

MIMS Learning offers free and premium educational content for GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals, with over 500 learning activities on a wide variety of clinical topics, and a unique CPD organiser offering a link to the Clarity & RCGP Appraisal Toolkit for GPs.

Join today and get access to:

  • 550+ clinical education modules across 20 clinical topics
  • In-depth clinical reviews, red flags articles, knowledge updates and quizzes
  • 25 pre-prepared learning plans bringing together related modules
  • A way to collect your reflective learning notes, CPD credits and certificates in one place
  • Relevant, challenging content with post-tests of learning
  • Option to create your own learning plans that reflect your personal development plan (PDP)
  • Links within articles to MIMS drug information and related clinical articles
  • Constantly refreshed and updated content written by experts
  • Weekly bulletin telling you what's new on the site
  • Related monthly print magazine showcasing content from the site
  • Simple user guide to MIMS Learning helping you make the most of your CPD

MIMS Learning's link to the Clarity & RCGP Appraisal Toolkit for GPs

If you use the Clarity & RCGP Appraisal Toolkit for GPs, you can export evidence of your learning to your appraiser with one click.

Within your CPD organiser, click the `Add to Clarity' button on activities you've undertaken to export your CPD certificate and any notes that you've made.

To find out more, visit our simple guide to using the link to the Clarity & RCGP Appraisal Toolkit for GPs.

About the MIMS Learning CPD organiser

The MIMS Learning CPD organiser enables you to:

  • take notes related to your learning - these may relate to online learning activities or to other quality improvement or audit activity
  • record the impact of learning on your practice
  • label and filter activities in line with your PDP goals
  • keep track of all your activities and credits earned since the start of your appraisal year
  • upload documents related to your notes, and
  • export your learning notes for appraisal either as a simple export or via the Clarity & RCGP Appraisal Toolkit for GPs.

To find out more see our user guide.

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