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Linda Goldie

Clinical Director

Linda has been a nurse for more years than she likes to admit to! Whilst working as a Practice Nurse in the 1990s she became interested in the type of education being delivered to the Primary Care team. This interest led to the development of the Primary Care Training Centre. Sixteen years on, the Training Centre is a nationally known educational establishment and fills most of Linda’s time where she is Clinical Director. She does however keep her feet firmly grounded in primary care by working one day a week in a very busy GP practice as a diabetes specialist practice nurse.

Mandy Walsh

Practice Nurse

Mandy Walsh has been a Practice Nurse for 24 years, and specialises in the management of long term conditions - diabetes, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. She is also the lead clinician for the Quality and Outcomes Framework, working in a large and busy inner city GP practice in Bradford. For the past eight years, from its conception, she has been the lead tutor on the Respiratory Disease Management diploma in primary care at the PCTC, and has recently started teaching on some of the health care assistant modules, study days and update days also at the PCTC.

She is a mentor for Nursing students and Health Care Assistants within practice and feels that up to date, consistent education provided by practicing clinicians is essential

Andrew Booth

Advanced Nurse Specialist

Andrew Booth is an Advanced Nurse Specialist at York Teaching Hospital, where he looks after people with Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis. He has been a respiratory nurse for 15 years, working in primary and secondary care, and within the pharmaceutical industry. He has taken a lead on producing the Yorkshire and Humber Children's Asthma Guidelines, and sits on the British Thoracic Society Inhalers Specialist Advisory Group. He is completing his Masters in Respiratory Disease Management, and has been a tutor at the Primary Care Training Centre for five years.

Jan Procter-King


Jan has trained thousands of nurses and primary care professionals across the British Isles in the field of cardiovascular prevention and management. She is also editor in chief for the well established and very successful British Journal of Primary Care Nursing for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney care.

Her inspirational teaching style has led to a great following in this field. Clinical accuracy and practicality is core and Jan retains her practice nursing role to ensure her feet are on the ground. The use of stories, characterisation and general laughter continue to make her a real educational favourite.

Dr Manjit Purewal


Manjit qualified in 1993 from Dundee. Initially he followed a career in psychiatry before becoming a GP. He moved to Leeds in 1998 and has worked as a GP since then. He has been a tutor in diabetes for the Primary Care Training Centre since 2004. Manjit has been actively involved in the development of practice based commissioning groups which have been super seeded by Clinical Commissioning Groups since the introduction of the Integrated Health and Social Care Act. He is Clinical Director for NHS Leeds North CCG and is the lead clinician for mental health including dementia.

Ann Marie Johnson


Ann Marie started her career as a nurse in the NHS in Wakefield in the seventies. She trained as a midwife in the eighties and then in the nineties worked as a practice nurse. In 2000 she changed her career pathway with a move to Public Health.

Throughout her career she has always taken a keen interest in education and training, and with the support of the Primary Care Training Centre has had the opportunity to develop and enhance her teaching skills and support health care professionals in delivering best practice.

Judith Coggles

Practice Nurse

Judith trained as a General Nurse before doing Midwifery and then returning to medical nursing in hospital. She found how much she enjoyed teaching students and qualified as a Nurse Tutor, teaching at Kings College Hospital in London. There she developed a love for diabetes before diagnosing herself with the disease! After having her first child she was asked to set up Practice Nursing in a local GP surgery and quickly started gathering patients with diabetes in her clinics. She was one of the first students to complete the PCTC Diabetes Course in 1996 and since then has been teaching with the PCTC while continuing to run diabetes clinics in the same GP surgery. Her own diabetes has travelled through twice daily injections to four times daily, and in 2000 she was lucky enough to get an insulin pump.

Linda Eaves

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Linda Eaves is an advanced nurse practitioner who works in general practice in Bradford. Formerly a practice nurse and walk-in centre nurse, she has several years of varied experience in wound care. Having experience of general practice in Brazil as well as Bradford, she brings an international perspective to ways of dealing with wounds. In her current job she continues to take a keen interest in wound care by offering support to the health care assistants in this aspect of their role.

Mark Taylor


Mark works as a GP in Huddersfield having qualified from Leeds in 1981. A former GP trainer and appraiser, he has been a tutor in diabetes at the Primary Care Training Centre for several years. In 2012 he qualified as a National Care Planning trainer.

Jo Briscoe

Practice Nurse

Jo has been a Practice Nurse for longer than she cares to remember! She has been a partner in her practice for the last 8 years.

Jo is the lead tutor for the Immunisation for Health Care Assistants course and also tutors on the Chaperone course at the training centre.

When she is not at the surgery or teaching, Jo enjoys cycling & knitting, (though not at the same time!) and bringing up her young son.

Kathy Carpenter

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Kathy has worked in the NHS as a nurse for 36 years; she works as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner at the Ridge Medical Practice in Bradford.

Kathy has always had an interest in women’s health, especially contraception and sexual health and holds women’s health clinics in the practice as well as fitting coils and implants.

Kathy also teaches at the Primary Care Training Centre on the Sexual Health and Contraception study days.

Paul Sullivan

Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Darren Jones


Richard Brownhill


Scott Hutchinson


Bob McMaster


Carolyne Feldman


Georgina Martin

Respiratory Specialist Nurse