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QA Ltd

At QA we always put people first. We take a personal approach to everything we do because we believe that people are the driving force behind business success.We always push learning beyond the cutting edge.

Keeping at the forefront of learning technology means we can offer you QA-quality training in more places than ever. Want to learn at your own pace? Try our award-winning eLearning. Need to stay at the office? Connect to a live QA training classroom using our Attend from Anywhere technology. And when you're learning technical subjects, you'll find our computer labs are equipped with the latest technologies to keep your training lag-free and relevant to tomorrow's workplace. We believe that there's no substitute for experience.

Learning skills is important, but to be able to use them to make real, lasting change in your workplace, you need to call on the experience of those who've done it before. Our trainers have all come from industry, bringing with them years of real-world experience of using the skills that they teach. So you can rest assured that from your first day back in the office, you'll be able to see real improvement.

At QA we set ourselves high standards. We aim to be open, fair and responsible in everything we do. That means that if we make you a promise, we'll stick to it, and if we make a mistake, we'll put it right. Our people go even further, always raising standards and going above and beyond the call of duty to get our customers the service they deserve. We aim to be the trusted learning provider for all our customers.

Our relationship with every customer is hugely important to us. We treat every individual with respect, we honour our commitments and we go the extra mile to make sure we exceed expectations. We work to earn your trust with every interaction we have with you.We believe that service is always personal.

However you choose to learn with us, we aim to give you a truly personal experience. That's because we know that every learner is different. From your first contact with us, we'll help you to pinpoint the precise training you or your company need. Our trainers adapt their sessions to the learners' experience levels, making sure that every individual gets the most out of their time with us

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