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We believe in offering a bespoke person centered approach when supporting a person on the autism spectrum with complex needs. We offer an assessment of needs which covers all aspects of a person’s life to which we adapt our service to best support an individual in developing new skills and maintaining the skills that they already have.

Changes in our clients are monitored using questionnaires completed by parents or carers before and after the support programme. Personal data is treated as confidential. Most common early results indicate that the area most likely to improve is social skills. We have a six month and yearly review with all parties involved to adapt and support our clients’ personal needs, choices and all aspects of their lives.



We believe that challenging behaviour is a form of communication hence we develop positive behaviour support plan to help an individual develop personalised strategies to manage their own anxieties by way of helping them create an awareness of self.

We also believe in creating a low sensory impact environment to support our clients with autism and complex needs. This also relieves anxiety within the autistic person.

Relationship Concepts

We work hard to maintain and grow family relationships as we feel it is very important to for individuals on the Autism Spectrum to develop positive relationships with their family. We also offer family support with things such as applying for benefits and appointeeships. We also offer our expertise on matters around autism and challenging behaviour. Sometimes we are just the voice at the end of the phone that is helping you get through your rough day.

Social Integration

Social Integration - Developing positive relationships with other parties

We also strongly believe in developing positive relationships with other parties such as social workers, this enables us to develop the care that is provided by social workers for individuals with autism and complex needs.

We try our hardest to ensure that the placement does not break down by working with multi party groups and ensure that a transition is correctly completed to Salisbury Support 4 Autism, or if the placement breaks down to another provider. This is usually in visual format to support the individual during the transition period.

We work hard in developing community relationships to develop employment clubs and employment experience in local farms, charity shops and cafes. We have an allotment that teaches gardening and healthy eating.

Our outreach service and respite service also offers a bespoke person-centered approach that is tailored to the needs of the individual with autism and complex needs.

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