Self Injury Support
Self Injury Support

Our Team

Naomi Salisbury

Specialist Trainer/Organisational Director

Naomi has been involved with support and training services focusing on self-harm, personality disorder and community development since 2005, including developing and delivering training, running collective advocacy projects and creating multimedia resources with people who use self-harm. Previously the co-ordinator for the UK-wide women’s self-injury support helpline, she is now Director of Self injury Support.

Fiona Macaulay

Specialist Trainer/Service Manager

Fiona has worked around the issue of self-harm for the last 10 years carrying out research and producing resources for women from black and minority ethnic groups, women in prison and people with learning disabilities. She currently co-ordinates TESS – the national text and e-mail support service for young women affected by self-harm.

Suzanne Pearson

Sal Ball

Lisa Foote