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Review of Organisation

Mark Edwards (August 2019)
I completed the Oral Health course and the assessment and I thought it was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone in care.

Review of Learning Disabilities Awareness

NNEKA OBIOMA (August 2019)

Review of Mandatory Core Skills Elearning Bundle

Tom Convery (August 2018)
Excellent course, easy for staff to use and very practical.

Review of Organisation

Martin thornhill (June 2018)
Great course

Review of Skills For Health eLearning (Unlimited Bundle)

Vincenzo Masullo (May 2018)
Once I came across the slides of each module and dart seeing how easy it was, I got slightly disappointed and frustrated to have spent money for something that I already knew. But the more I read, the more it became interesting and I acknowledged how little I knew. I am applying their suggestions in my daily practice and I do not regret to have purchase it.

Review of Oral Health - Free

Gumansing Rai (December 2017)

Review of Personalised Care Planning

Emma Evans (July 2017)
a good online course

Review of Safeguarding Children 3

Diane Sadek (April 2017)
i have done many safeguarding courses. This was the most practical and the best one I have ever done. Excellent.

Review of Organisation

T. Louis (April 2017)
I have just recently completed the Safeguarding Children Level 2 and Safeguarding Adults Level 1 course. I found both those courses to be very informative, and the contents covered was timely because of today's society we are living in, also very relevant. Thank you Skills for Health, I would strongly recommend these courses.

Review of Positive Behavioural Support

Dev Purmah (January 2017)
excellent course, very detailed and comprehensive. all staff need to complete this course.

Review of Safeguarding Children Level 2

Penny Sitton (December 2016)
Yes, the course was good and provided what I needed for training purposes as well as education. I like the way it was structured.
One thing, putting a line entitled Manager's signature on the certificate is difficult... I do not have a manager as I work as a locum or for an agency.
Response from Skills for Health
Many thanks for the review. I'll pass this feedback on to the eLearning team

Review of Free Online Dementia Training: Stand By Me Dementia

Samantha Ritzen (December 2016)
This was a really easy to follow online course, it was a great refresher and used a good mix of case studies, videos and literature to support learning.

Review of Conflict Resolution

Angela Higgins (December 2016)
Although it met our needs to carry out training in this subject area, the course content felt geared to NHS services and so not wholly suitable for us as a charitable psychotherapy service.
Response from Skills for Health
Thanks Angela, I'm glad it met your needs. We did provide a trial of the course beforehand for you to assess, though it is often hard to fully trial something until you're immersed in the course itself.

Review of Information Governance

Stephanie Garner (December 2016)
Good update on the pertinent CG issues and application to practice, I liked the way it gets you to reflect on your current practice and then think about how you may change this or confirms what you are doing is best practice.

Review of Organisation

Robert Keenan (December 2016)
Both free courses taught me a lot and I'd recommend them to all

Review of Safeguarding Adults Level 1

Angela McQuade (December 2016)
I really enjoyed this course. I found it informative and very good to work through.

Review of Organisation

linda currell lewis (April 2016)
waiting for vaccine updates to be added. Otherwise very useful update and CPD.
Response from Skills for Health
I'm happy to confirm that the immunisation course is fully up to date with all the latest guidelines as of December 2016.

Review of Free Online Dementia Training: Stand By Me Dementia

Louise Gregory (April 2016)
Very good mix of audio and visual info and questions I felt it refreshed my knowledge, well put together programme and it is free!!!

Review of Positive Behavioural Support

Emmanuel Onukwube (April 2016)
An eye opener. I got all my managerial staff to complete this e-learning and now we are rolling it out to all staff on our ward.