Every charity that walks through the doors of the FSI started because someone, somewhere saw an injustice and decided to take action….

…that’s exactly how the FSI started. In April 2007 philanthropist, Emma Harrison, saw the incredible contribution small charities make to the lives of millions, but was also aware that too many small charities were forced to close their doors, almost always due to lack of funds. She made the decision to start a charity that would give small charities the strategic support they need to keep their doors open and be there for millions of individuals, families, communities and other causes that desperately need their help.

“My passion has always been to help people, so setting up the FSI seemed to be the perfect next step for me. I knew that what was needed was an organisation that offers guidance and advice to small charities was needed. I am continually amazed by the people who represent the small charities the FSI helps, all are dedicated to helping others. My promise is that the FSI will do all it can to support and help small charities.” Emma Harrison

Turning the vision into a reality for small charities everywhere?

Well it takes a whole range of skills, a great deal of passion, masses of creativity, heaps of determination and a fantastic range of support from some very talented people for the team at the FSI to bring to small charities over £2.2 million of free services each year. Check out those who make this possible because without their collective input, skills, knowledge and dedication to supporting small charities the FSI simply would not exist.

Our annual program of services is our gift to you from everyone here at the FSI.

The FSI provides free training and one to one support to small charities through training events held in London and in 9 regional hubs across the UK. Our courses focus on charity governance, management, fundraising and impact measurement.

We also offer consultancy services to charities and social enterprises of all sizes and can support with all areas of business strategy and planning, fundraising, earned income, impact measuremen

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