The Learning Enterprise

Our Team

Mary Kelly

Learning Environment Lead

I am a health care professional with over 20 years’ experience as a clinician, manager and educationalist. I am a registered nurse, registered nurse teacher and registered dietitian. I have worked as a lecturer in Higher education for over 10 years. As a clinician I have covered most areas of dietetics in particular the fields of gastroenterology, diabetes and nutrition support. My experience in education and supporting learners in practice has developed into a passion for assisting others to develop their knowledge and skills. This experience has culminated in my current role as learning environment lead. I enjoy seeing student’s levels of confidence increase and knowing that they will make a difference as excellent health care professionals and mentors.

Suzie Ingram

Clinical Training Facilitator

I’m a qualified nurse RGN, and SEN. I am an emergency nurse practitioner and an independent and supplementary nurse prescriber; I work one day a week in the clinical setting at a minor injury unit. I have worked for the past ten years as a clinical trainer. During this period I have gained my PTLL’s, Certificate of Education and a BA Hons in Educational studies. Within my role at The Learning Enterprise I am actively involved with writing courses and delivering clinical training to both the adult and paediatric services. I love my role as it enables me to create educational packages that promote current best practice as well as being fun.

Roger Malpass

Regional Training Officer

I am a former NHS Paramedic with 17 years operational experience. Based in Buckinghamshire I hold the responsibility of delivering Basic Life Support (BLS) and Automated External Deliberation (AED) and Anaphylaxis training, alongside Conflict Resolution and Prevent Wrap training on a face to face basis across the country including the Prison Healthcare Service. I also deliver Prevent Wrap training via webinar to a national audience.

Fiona Thompson

Childrens Clinical Trainer

Since qualifying as a nurse, I have worked in different areas of adult and children’s care, in the hospitals and community, including Hospice, Special Schools, Residential Care, and Rehabilitation.

I am a trained Practice Educator having completed a Clinical Nurse Teachers course in 1988. I have worked as a Nurse Teacher with many different staff and students.

I have a BSc (Psychology), and this has supported many aspects of my teaching work.

My area of speciality is caring for children with disabilities, special needs and complex care. I also love teaching, having worked as a Nurse Teacher and a University Lecturer.

Lyn Conway

Clinical Training Facilitator

An experienced nurse in a variety of acute and community settings.I have an established history of supporting unregistered staff, registered staff and undergraduate learners in teaching and assessing clinical skill required for services. Working with specialist nurses to provide training in managing medical conditions in children in schools in Surrey and Devon.

Ann Pheasant

Assessor for vocational training

Health & Social Care Diploma Having had a background in nursing and experience in clinical, managerial and education settings has enabled me to follow my passion around supporting staff delivering face to face training in schools around supporting children with medical conditions.

Susanne Lee

Patient Moving & Handling Specialist

Val Holdich

Manager New Born Hearing Screening

I have 38 years’ experience of Health visiting with 34 years of clinical operational management at a senior level in the NHS. I am currently a Newborn Hearing screening manager covering a large hospital site with four acute hospitals. My other roles comprise of being a national consultant for the Quality Assurance programme as well as a national Observed Clinical Structured Examiner(OSCE). I hold the Mary Seacole leadership qualifications at masters level. Within my role at The Learning Enterprise I am actively involved with developing the Health screening Diploma business, solely responsible for running the hearing screening component alongside working with our colleagues and partners in education, health and education.

Sonny Masih

Statutory and Mandatory Trainer