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Our Team

Rashied Shote

Specialist Healthcare Trainer

Stella Camara

Specialist Clinical Trainer

Micahel Canete

Specialist Clinical Instructor

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Registered Nurse UK

Assessment and Management of Critical Care Nursing

Mentorship in Nursing Practice

ALS Provider (Resuscitation Council UK )

ILS Instructor (Resuscitation Council UK)

Neurological Intensive Care Level 7

PG Certificate in Healthcare Education (2010) Level 7

Preparing to Teach in Life Long Learning (PTTLS)

Fellowship in Higher Education (FHE)

Current Role (ICU Nurse)

  • Caring for adult critically ill patients with multi-organ failures
  • Systematic assessment and management of intubated & tracheostomised patients within critical care
  • Management and weaning of mechanically ventilated patients
  • Drug administration using different routes, and monitoring the effect of drugs
  • Preparing, setting up and discontinuing multiple IV drugs infusions
  • Administer bloods and blood products and monitoring/reporting their effects
  • Setting up, commencing, monitoring and management of Haemofiltration machine
  • Takes blood samples (venipuncture and ABG) for laboratory investigation and immediate arterial blood investigation
  • Caring for patients with sedative infusions
  • Management of patient with chest drains, thoracic drains, wound management and urethral catheter
  • Working with multi-disciplinary team and actively participate on the meeting

Current teaching Role (Lecturer)

  • Teaching postgraduate modules – Clinical Reasoning, ICU Course, Acutely Unwell Adult
  • Organise and examine students during assessment process
  • Mark written assignment and submit to the module leader

Previous Clinical Responsibilities

  • Delivering quality nursing care – level 2 and 3 critically ill patients (General ICU/HDU) with single and multi-organ failures
  • Clinical Support Role
  • Optimisation (Goal Directed Therapy) and Follow-up Role
  • Taking charge of clinical shift (ITU/HDU) once or twice per rota
  • Teaching on Foundation in Critical Care Nursing
  • Teaching on Intensive Care Module
  • Teaching multi-disciplinary training programme for ICU
  • Mentoring pre and post registration nurses (ICU Course, Mentorship, FCCN, ECG)

Teaching and training Immediate Life Support Course (ILS) for nurses and medical students recognised by Resuscitation Council UK

Previous Freelance Teaching Role

  • Lecturer/Trainer M&K Update & Global Health Professional
  • Poster presented at the BACCN Conference 2012

Courses taught:


IV Cannulation

IV Therapy

Mandatory Training for clinicians

Arterial Puncture

Arterial Blood Gas analysis and interpretation

Mechanical ventilation

Non-invasive ventilation

Minor health Injuries

Minor Health Illness

Teaching Experience (2010-2012) at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

  • Bedside clinical teaching
  • Clinical coaching and role modeling
  • Training programme for MDT
  • Intra-hospital transfer training day
  • Foundation for Critical Care Programme
  • Continuing Professional Development study days
  • Aseptic Non-Touch Technique for all clinical staff
  • Immediate Life Support Course

Teaching Experiences (from 2007-2010) at St Georges Hospital

  • Intensive Care Module (Assessment, Management, and Intervention of Critically Ill Patient). St Georges Hospital Faculty of Health and Social Care
  • Foundation in Critical Care Nursing
  • Acute Respiratory Course
  • Physical Assessment Course
  • Acutely Unwell Ward Patient Study Day
  • ALERT Study Day
  • Non Invasive Study Day
  • Tracheostomy Study Day
  • Immediate Life Support and Basic Life Support Course


  1. The use of Anchorfast in TBI patient to prevent venous obstruction
  1. Poster presentation
  • Critical Care Nursing Career Pathway (2010). Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Nursing Conference
  • Changes in tissue oxygen saturation reflect changes in targeted oxygen delivery in postoperatively optimised patients, Hamilton M, Canete M, Cecconi M, Al-subaie N, Vercuil A, Fawcett J, Dawson D, Rhodes A Critical Care 2007, 11(Suppl 2):P271 (22 March 2007)
  • Lithium dilution cardiac output measurement in the critically ill patient: determination of precision of the technique, Cecconi M, Al-Subaie N, Canete M, Dawson D, Puntis M, Poloniecki J, Grounds R, Rhodes A Critical Care 2007, 11(Suppl 2):P294 (22 March 2007)
  1. Poster presentation at the BACCN Conference (Brussels) 2007

I also represented the Imperial Critical Care (ICH NHS) in Tampa, USA in 2011 to deliver the education strategies in Critical Care nurses.

Helen Hill

Specialist Clinical Trainer

Dawn Brumfield

Specialist Clinical Instructor

William Cunningham

Specialist Clinical Instructor

Thomas Willmann

Specialist Clinical Instructor

Babatunde Alao

Specialist PMVA Instructor

Yemi Abolurin

Specialist PMVA Instructor